Bicone Beads
On these pages are glass lampwork headpins and beads made by myself, one by one, for you.
Almost all have matching beads in other shapes and headpins on my site.
**ALL are Made to Order, Lead time is usually one week, keep this in mind.
If you need custom, email me or click 'contact' above. or if you have any questions.
Amazon Ufo Bicone
Some call these bicones, for years I've called these ufo's, to differenciate between this shape and the *other bicones I sell, I will continue to call theses ufo shape.
Oceana Ufo Bicone
Savannah Ufo Bicone
Terrapin Ufo Bicone
Carib Ufo Bicone
Carnivale Ufo Bicone
Sparkly gold goldstone ribbons throughout the beads.
One photo in sun, one in shade, same beads.
One photo in sun, one indoor, same beads.
Remember, most of these are available in different shapes or as headpins.
If not, custom is considered.
Need smaller? Different size holes? Ask!
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6 beads per set, $22.00 per set unless otherwise noted.
More added soon!